Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!


people that are dorks but also sexually attractive need to either stay away from me or get very very close to me


DC Meme - 1/6 relationships: Harley & Ivy

What about you, Ivy? Aren’t you just using me too? I’m your friend, Harley! Are you? What do you get out of our friendship? Tell me, Ivy. What do you get? Someone to rely on you? Someone who depends on you? So you like that? Or is it something deeper? Is there another reason you’ve been dedicated to our friendship for so long? Is it because you love me?

You’ve got nothing left to give, Bruce.

From storyboard to animation: The New Batman Adventures episode Joker’s Millions drawn by Bruce Timm and written by Paul Dini


there’s bad movies that you just turn off ten minutes in but then there’s bad movies that are an adventure